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Cruise Control

I spent a good part of today scratching my head over Google Trends.  What good does it do to know, for example, that the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes proposal was a lot more interesting to people than their pregnancy, but slightly less fascinating than the tiny megastar's beliefs on alien life? Then I saw the genius of the thing: Up to now the only way to benchmark Cruise's spiraling craziness has been the relative sanity of everyone else on the planet. In Google Trends, however, we have at last a tool with which to stack each of Cruise's loony pronouncements against each other. This really is a tremendous advance for observers of the human condition like myself, and a great leap forward in the continuing compilation of my Tom Cruise CrazyWatch. It's downright handy to be able to consider Cruise's embrace of alien life even up against his extravagantly self-promoting marriage proposal, and to be able to quantify the precise differential in dumbstruck, can't-look-away creepiness. I plan to consult Google Trends regularly. The revelation that the Philippines lead the world in Cruise-Googling, though -- that one may have to remain a beautiful mystery. Some questions lie beyond the reach of statistics.

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